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3utools Error [Extra Quality]

Many users were met various error codes when they flashing their iDevice in iTunes or 3uTools, here 3uTools summarizes some common error codes for you (some with solutions) so that users could know why the error arises and how to solve the error effectively.

3utools Error

Hello Everyone I got an iphone 11 which came with no bluetooth and wifi. So I have reballed the layers the bluetooth and wifi was back but lost the imei so reballed the baseband ic. But it was still same so reballed bbpmu too. But now when I try to restore it, it gives me an error -1 on 95% of restore. Same on 3utools and itunes. But on 3 utools I got an error message as:

Code explanation: AMRestorePerformRestoreModeRestoreWithError failed with error: 9 " on 3utools itunes flash mode around 60% or 70% . And also trying to restore on board tester. Haven't soldered the layers yet.

I have iphone 3gs ios 5.1.1 with siri instaled,few month later my iphone always restart or turn off itself,i decide to restore my iphone but always failed with error code 3002,then i trying to upgrade to ios 6.1.2 but i have error again,can somebody help me??Sory for my bad english,

i have that same error and im trying to update/restore my ipad2 from 4.3.3 to ios 5 .. i tried all the steps mentioned and the /private/etc , and the host file has only this### Host Database## localhost is used to configure the loopback interface# when the system is booting. Do not change this entry.## localhostfe80::1%lo0localhost

While I was getting the 3002 error, I found out that any addons that use iTunes will prevent your iOS device from updating. If you use any addons such as for scrobbling or Growl for notifications, fully quit those applications and retry updating your iOS device with iTunes open only.

Once you download the 3uTools onto your PC, you can simply connect your phone to the PC, and change your phone's location using the Virtual Location 3uTools' feature. Thus, it is a good option for changing your phone's location. However, this feature has a problem that is a frequent 3uTools Virtual Location not working error, so let's head on to discuss it.

While the 3uTools indeed is a good application that allows easy location spoofing, it also has some basic flaws and errors. Some of these common flaws include the application failing to work, maps failing to load, and other safety and permanent location issues. Here we have listed a few things that you can do to counter the 3uTools Virtual Location not working problem.

When all the above-mentioned solutions fail to work, a good option is to close the software and restart it after a few minutes' break. This is because often, the software is experiencing an error, and that error ends when you close the software, thus making this a good option. We would also suggest you to go ahead to the Task Manager and End Task the software after you close it.

Restarting your PC is another convenient option that is reported to be helpful by many 3uTools users. Once your virtual location feature fails to work, you can simply close the software and restart your PC. Doing this would remove the software from the Random access memory, thus also removing any bug or error that was making it unable to work.

If you consistently face the 3uTools virtual location not working error, despite trying out different solutions, then stop worrying. There still are different alternatives to the 3uTools, and one of the best of them is the iMyFone AnyTo trusted location spoofer .

The solutions are mentioned above may fix the 3uTools Virtual Location not working and other such errors. However, we also would recommend you to give a shot to an alternative and bug-free location spoofing software such as the iMyFone AnyTo so that your location spoofing experience goes seamless and easy.

When all of the aforementioned options fail, a decent option is to close the software and restart it after a few minutes. This is because the software frequently encounters an error, which is resolved when you close the software, making this a viable choice. We would also advise you to go to the Task Manager after closing the software and End Task it.

Restarting your computer is another easy option that many 3uTools users have found useful. If your virtual location feature stops working, simply close the app and restart your computer. This would delete the software from the Random access memory, as well as any bugs or errors that were preventing it from working.

Now you have read about possible working solutions for 3utools Virtual Location Not Working problem, you may not be able to implement each of them or find the reasons behind what's happening. The simplest thing that you can do in this regard to get your problem solved immediately is to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location which is a well-reviewed and user-friendly location changer.

Most of the iPhone iPad iPod iTunes Errors found at Apple's Knowledge Base. Here is a list of iTunes errors that could appear when you restore iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using iTunes. If the problem still exists after you view this post, please find more details solutions in this post 'Detailed solutions for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch iTunes Errors'. And 3uTools can help you restore or flash iDevices more effectively.

Error 1Unable to downgrade. Try changing the USB port (the back one of chassis is better) and restart computer. The installed version of iTunes may also be too old. Update iTunes. Error -1Error occurs when one uses the 'last ditch' method for preventing baseband updates on the iPhone. The baseband does not get updated using this method. Use FixRecovery to kick it out of recovery mode. Error 2Sn0wbreeze 1.6 Custom Firmware has a ASR patch problem. Use sn0wbreeze 1.7 or PwnageTool. Device isn't bootable. Error 6Not enter the downgrading mode, change USB port (the back one of chassis is better) and restart computer. Error 9 Due to asr being patched, the SHA signature is automatically changed and after being resigned the kernel will refuse to use it. Therefore proper kernel patches are required. If necessary kernel patches are not applied, it will fail to load asr and error 9 would occur during restore.Rebooting your PC may resolve this issue. Aslo it can be connection issue.Error 10LLB is missing from the IPSW. The device cannot be booted up. The trick to skip the baseband update no longer works. Error 11Removed bbfw file in the firmware folder of an unzipped IPSW. Error 13Occurs when you want to install a beta firmware with iTunes for Windows (actively blocked by Apple; beta users are developers and therefore must have a Mac). Error 13 may also signify a USB problem. Check the USB connection and try other direct ports or maybe the USB cable is an older one. Device isn't bootable. Error 14Custom firmware update fail (PwnageTool). You have to restore the device with a custom firmware. Update to a custom firmware isn't working. Device isn't bootable. 2 USB Problem. Check the USB connection and try other direct ports or maybe the USB cable is an older one. Device isn't bootable. Error 17Custom firmware update fail (sn0wbreeze). You have to restore the device with a custom firmware. Update to a custom firmware isn't working.Error 18This occurs when the media library on the device is corrupt and cannot be modified or updated. Updating to the latest version of iTunes and then restoring should resolve this issue.Error 20Reportedly happens during failed downgrade attempts, Some have seen success afterwards by doing the downgrade from DFU mode instead of the normal Recovery mode.Here is a list of iTunes errors that could appear when you restore iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using iTunes. Error when using Sauriks server for a restore with iOS 5.x in the recovery mode at least on a A5 device. This error can also happen when you try to restore an iPod with hardware dfu. Use iREB r5 to solve this. or You are trying to update to a beta firmware without UDID activation. Error 23Baseband Communication error (Hardware), Most probably Baseband chip is faulty.Error 26False version of the NOR flash firmware. Use the correct sn0wbreeze version. Error 27modified the restore.plist so it would flash and also exchanged RestoreRamDisk and kernelcache. restore the original iOS.Error 28The problem is a bad dock connector on the iPhone. Must change the connector. If you have tried almost everything, reset the logic board leave uncharged for 2-3 days or remove battery for an hour. If doesn't work, the flash memory is damage . Error 29You might need to change the battery. Error 31DFU Loop, Sometimes during the restore with your messed-up IPSW, iTunes will return error 31. This is what's referred to as a DFU loop. The only solution is to restore a working firmware.Error 34Hard disk is run out of space when trying to download. Clear space and then continue downloading.Error -35Error when downloading songs purchased on iTunes, See Apple's KB article. Error 37iPod touch 2G LLB patched with the 0x24000 Segment Overflow was used on an iPhone 3GS custom firmware. Known on damaged bundles from unofficial PwnageTool distributions or bundles. Error 40Hacktivation bug in Sn0wbreeze, Use update one..Error -50Delete Storm Vedio, QuickTime, iTunes, then reinstall iTunes. See also Apple's KB article. 350c69d7ab


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