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Stanley Parable Keypad Code

Inside the Boss's Office in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is a keypad along the back wall, The Narrator will eventually instruct Stanley about the correct code to input into the keypad. Ignore him and instead only punch in the numbers '8888' into the keypad. After the first attempt, it will flash red, showing that the code is incorrect. Continue to put in the code '8888' a total of four times and the achievement will unlock.

Stanley Parable Keypad Code

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The biggest time delay that players will encounter when attempting a speedrun of the Freedom Ending is in the Boss's Office, where the Narrator spends several minutes talking before hinting at the keypad code that furthers the story.

On a second and third visit to the Boss's Office, the Narrator will skip past the keypad code dialogue and open up the secret passageway immediately, cutting a significant amount of time out of a speedrun.

This is considered the most complicated achievement to acquire, mainly because the tasks require you to mess with the game's files. Open your Steam library and right-click The Stanley Parable in your games list, then select the option that says Properties. Select the menu at the top that says Local Files, then select Browse Local Files. This should take you to the game's files. Click on the folder named thestanleyparable, then another folder titled cfg.

Pinewood Builders Computer Core is well-known for its mysterious and unsolvable keypad, located at the mainframe. This keypad is composed of three different security layers, once these three codes have been entered the mainframe will shutdown causing the core temperature to spike into either freezedown or meltdown temperatures:

In this large room are numerous servers holding data. At the other end of the room is the code door to Sector G. The code for the Sector F door is 5-33-41-18. There is a device linked to the keypad that when clicked, will "hack" the door and open it.

So now, after figuring out the logic of the cipher, there's a task given to make sure the player understands the logic. On the keypad of the first code door, the player is tasked to convert HYMN using the cipher and the same grid as the one on the right wall, and then convert the result into an absolute value, which would then be the code for the first door. Using the logic given before, HYMN converted should be -5 / -1 / 1, -2. Converting them to absolute value and removing extra symbols would give the player 5112.

There are things like artwork representing the making of the game - belying the reality of thegame and exposing its construct. There are outrageous scenarios such as pretending Stanleyhas a wife only to be goaded at by the narrator as he tells you that she never existed. Thereare clues - such as when the game has been played enough times (in-game) - the narratordoes not even bother to repeat things such as keypad codes, musing instead that "you know this by now". There are end of the world scenarios, there arecreepy your boss is stalking everyone scenarios. There are various endings that go fromparanoia to psychedelic. There is a place where Stanley goes mad and the game restarts. Itall makes the discovery a journey of evoking emotions that feel artificial - just like ina clinical trial.


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