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Un65mu800dfxza Best Buy

Top left: Samsung Q7F (QN55Q7F). Bottom left: Sony X900E (XBR55X900E). Middle: Samsung MU8000 (UN55MU8000). Top right: Vizio P Series 2016 (P65-C1). Bottom right: LG UH8500 (55UH8500). Unlike our other photographs, this picture wasn't taken under a controlled environment, so do not draw conclusions from it.The Samsung MU8000 is a good TV, but it isn't very competitive in its price range. It doesn't offer any exceptional features compared to competing TVs at the same price or even cheaper. Overall, the MU8000 doesn't offer great value. See our recommendations for the best smart TVs and the best 4k TVs.

un65mu800dfxza best buy

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The local dimming feature of the MU8000 is bad. When compared side by side with the Q7F, both perform almost the same way. It is an edge-lit TV and vertical blooming is visible which follows the bright moving highlight. When watching a movie, blooming is visible in the 2 black bars. Even if the local dimming is not the best, enabling it is still recommended especially for HDR content as it is necessary to produce bright highlights. 041b061a72


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