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Nostradamus Book Of Prophecies Pdf Free Download ((FREE))

The Centuries consists of 24 quatrains of varying length: 144 lines, 144 lines, 144 lines, 108 lines, 96 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 72 lines, 108 lines, 108 lines, 108 lines, 144 lines. The first two verse-lines of each stanza form a book within the Centuries, which are named according to their number within the Centuries and are illustrated by the corresponding icon on the online figures page.

nostradamus book of prophecies pdf free download


As a professional astrologer, Nostradamus was accustomed to the concepts of the classical astrological writings, which he often quotes. But he shifted their meanings for purely pragmatic reasons, often against the opinion of professional astrologers. In the medical treatise De febribus, he wrote: "The progress of illness will he able to recognize as a thing clearly manifest by its symptoms, and by the trends of the winds and planets." [1]

Nostradamus claimed to be a Christian, and this was probably a dogma of necessity for him, being a physician who did not fear to use the Bible or church fathers as evidence. However, Nostradamus seems to have been unsophisticated in matters of theology, even in his maturity. During his third visit to Rome, he was struck in the head by a sword, or geloie, and was taken to a church. His famous contemporary, Ambroise Paré, later wrote that he saw two aureoles around Nostradamus' head, not the one he usually wore, and that he believed he had received a special consecration, not to Christian priests, but to the celestial doctors. Nostradamus may have been influenced here by Johann Trithemius, who wrote that "no one else ever has or will have three aureoles," though it is true that a number of medieval writers, especially in Italy, believed in the mystical multi-sphere nature of a person. [5]


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