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Levi Clark

Where To Buy Ralph Lauren Shirts [TOP]

I agree with your comments about the dress shirts. As a Brit, I regard one of the joys of American shirts is that they have a breast pocket. Instead, RL sticks a badge there.I was interested in your comments about vintage pieces. I used to love Brooks Brothers shirts when they were American made and I still have in the dark recesses of my closet some great BB shirts I bought from the huge store on Madison back in the 90s.I just cannot buy an American classic knowing it has been made in Malaysia or wherever BB get their shirts made nowadays.

where to buy ralph lauren shirts

The company launched its website and online shop in 2000 as by RL Media (a cooperation between Ralph Lauren and NBC). In 2007, Ralph Lauren Corporation acquired the NBC share of RL Media and the website was relaunched as In September 2015, it was announced that Stefan Larsson would replace the company's founder, Ralph Lauren, as CEO in November. Lauren stayed on as executive chairman and chief creative officer.[15][16] 041b061a72


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