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Levi Clark

Star Trek Mr. Spock ? Timeless Quotes __LINK__

There are many famous quotes that have been said throughout history. Some are more famous than others and are known by people all over the world. Here is a list of the 50 most famous quotes of all time. Use them to get started on a Monday morning, or to grab inspiration for your next blog article or endeavour!

Star Trek Mr. Spock – Timeless Quotes

You better set phasers to LOVE, because Star Trek fans are sure to fall head over heels for this Star Trek Valentine's Day Collage 3/4 Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt. Featuring your favorite Star Trek quotes, symbols, and starships within a classic candy design, this t-shirt is the sweetest outfit choice in the galaxy.

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of your favorite Star Trek series by treating yourself to an accessory as timeless as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine itself. The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 30th Anniversary Laser Engraved Tumbler is the perfect drinkware to start your day, go to a Deep Space Niners baseball game, or watch a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine marathon!

Loved the old star trek. Never watched a significant number of the newer ones or the movies. just wasn't the same. I enjoy the priceline commercials and I think Shatner has really found his niche there. Especially like the one where the guy wearing the headset starts talking like Shatner. What a hoot!

clean simple timeless fun. what is not to like about stopping time for a few hours to watch them and thank them for being part of such a great socially important series and set of movies. star trek is all good.


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