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Explore the History and Meaning of Presbyterian Hymns In Twi Pdf 19

In typical Phanney fashion, he used multiple sources to provide his assessment of a complex issue. Steve Mayfield of San Antonio was one of those who were excited about the recent debate. He uses the song, Faith of Our Fathers in his own preaching as well as the song he co-wrote, Its Your Work to Tell Your Story. Many of Mayfields Sunday morning congregation know the song, since one of his congregants recorded it in an online recording of hymns used in a funeral service. Mayfield says that without the song the service would have been lacking, but it adds little more than a few familiar hymns to the songs used in the service. But for new members, he says, the song brings an introduction to the Reformed tradition.

Presbyterian Hymns In Twi Pdf 19


By encouraging people to sing hymns that reflect their individual theological convictions and situation, the PCUSA and their board are promoting the doctrine of Christian liberty in such a way that it feels like an affirmation of our democratic values. At the same time, it demonstrates how far we are from the Christianity of the first-century church, when people sang as the Spirit led them and sang with a passion only from love.

I agree with our Director of Music that this is a song that is Biblically sound, and that it is important for our denomination to keep it in the hymnal. Many of my Worship Ministry faculty and trainings I do with the PCUSA are given with the understanding that our hymns are truly Biblically sound.

The PCUSA, like other Protestant denominations, has sought to build upon its doctrine of the love of God, expressed in a Bible that teaches the existence of wrath, by developing hymns that emphasize the depth of this love. Its about time, and many who celebrate and adore Gods self-manifestation in our world through his constant and uninterrupted work of Redemption in Jesus Christ can rejoice at the preservation of one of the most important aspects of our faith. Mr. Mayfield does not deny the impact of the song, but he does argue that to have it in the hymnal may actually make the faith obscure.


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