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Philip Muravyov

The Ultimate Guide to RPG Maker MV - Haunted School Tiles: A DLC Pack for Horror Fans

I truly love the concept and simplicity of this project tutorial and this is something I would love to be able to do with my kids when they come home from school, just because its just so neat and fun! Toss in a pizzasaurus and some soft plush, and you have a great Halloween haunted house. If you're not familiar with the principle behind ADORABLE haunted houses, [click here to read a post by Ruth Ridley]! Its a great way to teach kids the difference between real and imaginary. Also, its a great way for kids to learn about how to draw haunted houses and creates a great foundation for haunted house design in the future!

RPG Maker MV - Haunted School Tiles download for windows 10

Download File:

I finally fell in love with RPG Maker MV in 2017, and have been actively creating lots of content with it ever since. But it seems like this project has also taken off because of the many questions around the Windows version , and I decided to finally do a full step-by-step walkthrough for anyone who is interested.

The download is a simple exe and not a physical disc because (at this time) physical discs are so expensive to make in a professional environment and I don't have the necessary skills/resources. The download is also a free Microsoft Windows-only windows application. Supporting other operating systems is my ultimate dream but simply takes too much of my time to set up.

Everything else is pretty straightforward, starting with the standard 350 brick base that is usually included. Additional tiles are a bit of a grey area. The only thing on our list is the Haunted School Property Claim bonus tile. It only appears in the Party Event, so if you need to find it, keep an eye out for the Start of the Party: Party Event tile.


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